Not boring at all!

A good education requires a good interior design.
It is not enough that students and teachers fit into the classroom to achieve a good place of learning, they also have to thrive together. And that is not enough, the furnishings must also resist the heavy wear and tear
that it is subjected to in a school environment.

Combining these requirements with a reasonable price tag is not easy. But it is possible. It is often a question
of what furniture works together and of creating interior designs that can be changed as the needs change.

Inspirational solutions

Interior design for schools is somewhat of a specialty
for us at Input Interiör - from furnishing a couple of classrooms to a complete school or educational environment. Working together with the architect and
the school staff, we can discover the real needs and
find solutions where the price is reasonable and the
end result is inspirational. For the one thing school should not be, it’s boring.