Working creatively

Washed out, impersonal and mass produced office designs won’t make anyone happy. Rickety office chairs and overpowering fluorescent lighting on the ceiling are sometimes practivally a health hazard. That is why we supply work chairs that are gentle on the body, tables that fit with modern technology and lighting that creates an atmosphere and enthusiasm for the job. With new colours, shapes and materials we create offices that bring order and satisfaction to working.
We work with the widest selection of office furniture from the foremost manufacturers in Scandinavia and leading international brands.

In our exhibitions, the new products can be viewed
in real life - height adjustable work stations, storage systems and office chairs. And naturally we also
have the little details that make it all look good.

A successful first meeting

What kind of a first impression does you company make on visitors? Order and satisfaction with the work place? Or is the impression old and grey? If it is, we recommend that you consider how your public spaces can become meeting places where employees and clients can form good relations.

Often it is about creating exciting and
unexpected environments that awaken people's urge to discover, makes them want to know more about your company.

There’s a lot of talk about trademark – creating a common view of the company, a feeling that strike at the heart, without detouring through the brain. This way of thinking, interior design becomes an important part.

An open conference room can make people talk and discuss, maybe even clear the air. And why not create
a secret room where you can talk and plan the most important strategies?