Environmental thinking

Protecting the environment goes without saying.
Input interiör works actively och continuously on
making improvements and have high demands on
its own operation. Our environmental work is a natural part of the day to day and we strive to make the best environmental choices for the future. Together with our clients and partners, we work continuously for better environmental choices and sustainable interior design.

Green products

The fact is that through our partners, we’re often the
first in the world to introduce revolutionary ideas and improved production methods. Input interiör as well as
a large part of our product selection are represented
on the ”green list” for the Västra Götaland region of products that comply with the high environmental standards of the Nordic Swan ecolabel.

High standards

Flame retardant fabrics, gloss varnishes and chrome have in the past been associated with a negative effect on the environment, but they are today available in our product selection as environmentally friendly products. Together with conscious manufacturers and designers, we influence research and product development. A change that is positive for everyone and a reason to shop environmentally smart.